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Beautifully Messy Worship

I’ll be transparent: as women of God, wives, mothers…our worship sometimes looks like this.

There are so many times I’ve put communion off with God because there is just SO MUCH TO DO. Laundry, dishes, meetings, errands, homework, work…there’s not enough time!

But what I love the most about PROVERBS 31, is not how the woman is superhuman but how she’s NATURAL. She cooks, she cleans, she takes care of her home and her household, she is a crown to her husband. It’s a beautiful passage.

And I’ll be honest, I used to feel overwhelmed and not enough when I compared myself to the woman in that scripture. But it was because I felt like my time with God and my worship had to look a certain way.

The truth is, our Heavenly Father loves when his daughters humble our hearts at his feet. Sometimes that’s on our knees in the quiet places of our home, completely alone with no other task at hand than loving on Him.

Other times, it’s standing in front of a sink of dirty dishes saying “Lord, here I am” and He finds this just as beautiful!

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