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Have You settled for a Settlement?!

I heard something really amazing today in a song, it said “why are you settling for a settlement?”

And it hit me, the majority of us do that in life.

Just like someone who finds themselves in the throes of a court proceeding or a lottery winning…we look at the quickest way to see “value” added to our lives versus the best long-term way.

We do that here on earth.

We look at what gives us the most satisfaction, the quickest reward that we can touch and smell and use.

Meanwhile our true treasure should be laid up in Heaven for when we get there, assuming we even get there.

At what point in our lives do we refuse to settle for the things we can see and touch?

At what point do we refuse to settle for the meaningless things of this life and we hunger more for the things of the Lord?

*sigh* sometimes I feel all alone. Like I’m the only one who wants to just run right out of my skin and into the arms of Jesus to just fulfill all He wants me to do.

But then I remember, the prophet Elijah felt the same way. He cried out to God that there were no others like him, and God corrected him, showing there were absolutely other workers for the Kingdom in his time.

And then I think, refusing to settle for things of this world sure does put me in good company

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