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Catch the Fire

I knew God was stirring something different this morning…I can’t explain it. I could just FEEL it.

We had a guest pastor today. He brought fire with him. That’s what we would have always said in the past. But honestly, it was God that brought the fire today and this man was obedient!

It’s not the first time the Holy Spirit has engulfed me…but I can tell you it’ll be the last time I try to hold HIM back & quench what He’s doing!

I got so consumed, I felt like I was going to explode. There was a fire that came up out of me that pushed every limit of my control and a glory that was so thick and heavy that I couldn’t even stand upright.

God was there to DO something! Do y’all understand?!


But I’ll be transparent. I got nervous.

Why me?

Why us?

So I held the Holy Spirit at bay as he was trying to move.

But I already know the answers: I’ve been seeking. I’ve been seeking for so long. We’ve been hungering. For so long.

A few years ago, I heard the story of Billy Graham kneeling at the side of Smith Wigglesworth’s bed, praying for revival to hit America and let it start with him.

It moved me SO DEEPLY that I knelt down and prayed the same prayer “Lord don’t let it end with their generations! Let the revival sweep America for our generation and let it start with me!”

Y’all I got HUNGRY. Hungry for the presence of God.

Not hungry for a church experience…


So, to have God send a minister from out of state, to call me out, to allow God to DO something…and then I quench HIM.

how I have had to repent.

Because God is ALWAYS faithful to my prayers! So this shouldn’t have shocked me either!

Gods going to use me and my family in amazing ways! Supernatural miraculous ways! Because I’m hungry to be used for the Kingdom!

I urge y’all to do the same! Get hungry! Get thirsty for living waters! Seek the presence of God!

And when he shows up…BECAUSE HE WILL…allow Him to do whatever HE WANTS TO DO! Amen! Allow HIM to use you!

I still feel fire flowing…and I’ll never go back. God calls people. Not people calling people.

And God called me and set me apart for such a time as this! Amen! Let the latter rain fall!

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